How to Skip Missions

How to Skip Mission

Traffic Rider is one of the world’s famous games that the public loves very much. This game is a riding game, and it features only bikes, all of which have stunning looks. When we talk about its graphics, they are excellent. It has four modes, one of which contains missions that are very enjoyable. If you play these missions, you will have a lot of fun. Many people ask how to skip mission in Traffic Rider. So today, I will guide you on whether it’s possible to skip missions. After reading this article, you will be able to easily skip missions.

Traffic Rider Game Missions

As I mentioned earlier, Traffic Rider has many missions, and each mission has different tasks. By completing these tasks, you can progress to the next mission, and you will receive rewards in the form of gold and cash when you complete a mission. Traffic Rider has a mode called Career mode, and this is where you will find the missions. When you click on it, a map will be displayed, showing the available missions. In Career mode, there are three maps, each containing over 30 missions. As soon as you complete one map, you can start playing the missions of the next map. These missions are available at different times, such as noon, evening, and night.

Can I Skip a Mission?

Yes, if there is a mission that you do not want to play or if you are unable to complete a mission, you can skip it. However, skipping a mission is not free.

There are various methods to skip missions, and I will explain those methods to you so that you can easily skip them.

Why Skip a Mission?

Starting missions in Traffic Rider is easy, but as you progress, missions become increasingly difficult. This can make it challenging for players to complete missions, leading to frustration and a lack of enjoyment in playing the game.

To overcome this, gamers choose to skip missions and move on to the next one. If a mission seems too difficult or is causing you trouble, you can save time by skipping it.

How To Skip Mission?

I have explain three easy methods for skipping a mission so that you can skip the mission and play the next one.

Watching Ads

First, start the game and play the mission you want to skip. In your first attempt, intentionally fail the mission. Once the mission stats appear on your screen, you will have an option to watch ads and skip the mission.

As soon as you complete watching the ads, your mission will be skipped, and the next mission will become available.

Using Gold

If you don’t want to watch ads or don’t have an internet connection, you can skip the mission using gold. Start by opening the mission you want to skip.

Play the game and deliberately fail the mission as soon as you can. When you see the stats screen, you will find the option to skip the mission on the left. It will ask for a certain amount of gold, and the price may vary for each mission. Pay the required amount, and your mission will be skipped.

Using a Mod Version

If you don’t have an internet connection or enough gold, you can use this method. With this method, you can not only skip missions but also unlock all bikes and get unlimited cash and gold to use in the game.

Install the latest version of the Traffic Rider Mod Pro APK. Once installed, open the game, and you will have unlimited cash and gold. Now, you can activate the mission you want and play it as usual. Fail the mission, and when the stats appear, you can skip the mission by paying with gold.

Benefits Of Skipping Mission

I’ll tell you some benefits of skipping a mission, which will make it easier for you to skip a mission without any hassle. It’s best to skip a mission only when you’re playing fairly; otherwise, don’t do it.

If any of the following points apply to you, then you can skip the mission

  • You’re trying to complete a mission, but it’s not working out, and you’re getting frustrated.
  • If you have very little time and want to play games but can’t complete the mission, you can skip it.
  • If you want to know all the missions in the game, and what tasks are involved in them, and you’re stuck in a mission and want to play the next one, you can skip the mission.

Final Words

In this article, I’ve explained how you can skip a mission in Traffic Rider. I’ve shared some methods with you, and if you use these methods correctly, you can skip a mission. I’ve also mentioned the benefits of skipping a mission in Traffic Rider.


In the Traffic Rider game, there are 3 maps in mission mode, and each map has more than 30 missions.

To win the Traffic Rider game, increase the speed of your bike, and for that, you need to have good handling skills.

Traffic Rider is a very good game and is liked all over the world.

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